In Hard-hit Philadelphia

the University of Pennsylvania, ER Doctors, and Recovery Coaches Collaborate to Send High-Risk Opioid Users into Failed, Harmful “Treatment” Scams

by Clark Miller

April 8, 2020

In Philadelphia hard hit by the opioid crisis, some great news, riveting news for consumers of mass media –

It makes for great news. Uplifting, hopeful, heart-rending. In the decades-old, worsening epidemic that takes more and more American lives, with no signs of the continuously promised medical cure for opioid and other substance use epidemics, here’s something akin to a miracle for TV news viewers – opioid addicts being saved, getting into rehab, their lives turned around, and by heroes who are just who we need them to be – doctors and former “addicts” in a heart-warming story of compassion, redemption and triumph of American institutions.

Great news . . . except it’s not. At all.

It’s fake, lethal and predicting continued and worsening harm to the increasing number of Americans trapped in the crisis generated by medical institutions and by the failed criminal scam of “addiction treatment”, or “rehab”. Just as was the fabricated news constructed a few decades ago by medical, research and public health oversight institutions along with major media to create the lie that opioids would be safe and effective for pain.



Addiction Treatment


Medical treatment for addiction



All decades-old, failed, expensive entitlement systems that are established by the evidence to predict failed outcomes, to worsen substance use epidemics, to be lethal.


Evidence like that consistently accumulating establishing that “medication assisted treatment”, MAT, is worsening the increasing lethal opioid epidemic, predictably so.

Evidence that has invalidated the fiction that addiction is a disease, or a medical condition at all.

Evidence establishing that “addiction treatment” in the U.S. is in fact a criminal scam without benefit to Americans increasingly trapped in its revolving door, delivered by a workforce of non-professionals not trained or qualified to treat any type of behavioral health condition, let alone complex and lethal.

Evidence buried and ignored. Evidence that is the enemy, anathema to the powerful, vested interests with social capital to create their “evidence” and news about “evidence” as needed.

You won’t see any of that on the nightly news. It provides no value for those creating the news you need to see.