Crisis is a necessary condition for a questioning of doxa,
but is not in itself a sufficient condition for the production
of a critical discourse.

A Critical Discourse is a Blog Site

with posts written to make understandable, expose, deconstruct false claims about research related to public health, illness and treatments – claims that are wrong and harmful, are generating and driving lethal epidemics. Posts here are about basic and enormously profitable falsehoods, invalidated by evidence available for decades, persisting against that evidence to continue to do enormous harm, because they are shielded from critical thought.  Fabrications, for example, that compulsive substance use is a medical or psychiatric condition with medical “treatments”; that someone experiencing depressed mood has a medical condition that can be treated with a pill; that chronic pain generally is a physical condition with medical treatments.

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to access primary research, research reviews, other sources of information, science, understanding – integrated and made sense of here as a means to critique, dispute and dismantle unsupported fabrications, to take the power back and begin to reduce harm and preventable deaths.

Posts here expose deep, enormously profitable falsehoods, debunked for decades, their status protected for public consumption, persisting against invalidating evidence to continue to do enormous harm – for example that compulsive drug use is a disease with medical “treatments”; someone depressed has a medical condition to be treated with a pill; chronic pain is generally physical, with medical treatments.


understood and used to pursue truth is a powerful tool to promote social justice and the collective good, a tool and language for the speech and discourse needed for change. Research critically examined is a potent force to uncover and reveal truth covered by the skillfully fabricated digital sheen of authority, normalcy and decency that protects the interests and power of the fabricators.

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Behind the Sheen

of what sociologist Pierre Bourdieu termed “doxa” – the constructed appearance of truth that serves the interests of those with the cultural capital to fabricate that appearance. DOXA: what in a culture “goes without saying” because it “comes without saying” – what is accepted as given and established as “true”, not because it is fact or supported by evidence, but precisely because it’s been protected by a deceiving sheen of authoritative consent and consensus, protected from scrutiny, from heterodoxy, objection, from critical thought, from critical discourse. Protected by false assurances of understanding and scientific knowledge, sham “knowledge” broadcast by a compliant mass media.

MAT trends with OD death trend

The more medical cure provided to diseased brains, the more deaths.

False Assurances

by a corporate media-medical collusion promising cures that never come, entrusted with decades and $ billions in public resources – our resources.

“What we simply need is a a nice bulldozer, so that we could level the entire industry and start from scratch . . . There’s no such thing as an evidence-based rehab. That’s because no matter what you do, the concept of rehab is flawed and unsupported by evidence.” 

– Dr. Mark Willenbring, former director of treatment and recovery research at the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)

For Those Victimized

by the lies required to protect lucrative criminal scams, like “rehab” and “addiction treatment” – use this site to take the power back from colluding media and health industries that continue to generate harm, lethal epidemics, and profits.

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Once branded a “hippie scientist” in a community environmental dispute, Clark Miller is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) practicing as a child and adult psychotherapist and substance use treatment expert with training and degrees in clinical social work, philosophy and research ecology. He is originally trained as a research scientist in biology and is published in the fields of ecology and mental health including original research and critical analyses of research design, methodology and interpretation. He lives on the Oregon coast.

In Bourdieu's Theory of Practice,

dissent is “heterodoxy” – challenge, dispute, deconstruction of fabricated, false knowledge, of what “goes without saying” because it “comes without saying”. It is means to take cultural capital and power back, is cure for social injustice and illness.