In a world where the bounded and defined range of “knowledge” and ideas, of what is sayable and thinkable, is not knowledge that was examined, freely challenged, found right and true –

Instead “facts” designed to serve the interests of powers with control of the means to define what is “known” –


it’s time for

For Sociologist Pierre Bourdieu, “Doxa” is what in a culture “Goes without saying” because it “comes without saying” – is what is accepted as given and established as fact, not because it is fact, but precisely because it has never been legitimately scrutinized, examined, never subjected to a Critical Discourse.

Challenging and taking apart Doxa will require VOICES, strong voices unafraid to say, and keep saying, “NO, wait, that’s not right, that is not true”, dissenting voices, more and more of them.

In Bourdieu’s Theory of Practice, dissent is “HETERODOXY” – challenges to what goes without saying and comes without saying, without real scrutiny, untested, unquestioned.





Think Matrix, the movie: the Matrix is doxa

The Agents protecting Matrix are Bourdieu’s “orthodoxy” – forces in a culture paid to keep things the way things are

Enforcing establishment views by disseminating them from positions of accepted authority and legitimacy

By distorting and ignoring research and truth, by marginalizing dissent, attacking threats to doxa

In The Matrix  Orpheus and his crew are

Dissenters, renegades taking apart the enforced status quo, to expose, reveal, peel away the sheen of constructed reality.





Use this site to join together and to take the power back for collective, socially-created meaning and truth, for exposing what lies beneath accepted “knowledge”

For the collective good it is required to wrest control of language and forms of capital – institutional, cultural, and symbolic – from the invested and compromised status quo, to objectify conditions of the crisis for those harmed and lacking cultural capital.

“Crisis is a necessary condition for a questioning of doxa, but is not in itself a sufficient condition for the production of a critical discourse.”

Pierre Bourdieu

– Outline of a Theory of Practice (1972)



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