"What we simply need is a nice bulldozer, so that we could level the entire industry and start from scratch . . . There’s no such thing as an evidence-based rehab. That’s because no matter what you do, the whole concept of rehab is flawed and unsupported by evidence."

- Dr. Mark Willenbring, former director of treatment and recovery research at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)

Use this site to Take the Power Back for those harmed and unserved by health systems that generate profits and health epidemics  

with false assurances of understanding and scientific knowledge –

Health industries promising cures that never come, entrusted with decades and billions in public resources – our resources.

Use this site To join together to take the power back for collective, socially-constructed truth, to expose what lies hidden, obscured behind accepted “knowledge” –        

behind what sociologist Pierre Bourdieu termed “Doxa” – the constructed appearance of truth that serves the interests of those with the cultural capital to create that appearance.

Doxa: what in a culture “Goes without saying” because it “comes without saying” – what is accepted as given and established, not because it is fact, but precisely because it’s been protected from scrutiny, from critical thought,

never subjected to  –






Do you have a story to tell?


Harmed by healthcare?

Failed by institutions or a program you trusted to help with your health, your well-being?

You deserve to be heard, to be taken into account, to become a VOICE in a critical discourse.












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