Upcoming Post – Effective Treatment for Problem Substance Use and Lethal Epidemics Requires New Policy and Complete, Radical Change –

To 1) Approaches Supported by Research

2) Targeting Real, not Fictional Conditions and

3) Provided by Professionals With the Required Competence

by Clark Miller

October, 2018

As established in this and other preceding posts, the fabricated condition (or “disease” or “disorder”) of “addiction” is a made-up fiction that represents no real condition; was never supported by evidence; drains and diverts public healthcare funds and resources away from longstanding, evidence-based psychotherapies to treat the forms of inner distress driving compulsive substance use. That fiction helps fuel worsening, lethal public health epidemics – yet crucially protects and maintains harm-predicting entitlement programs including “rehab”, “addiction treatment” and “addiction medicine”.

Addressing increasingly lethal substance use epidemics requires shutting down the criminal scams misusing public funds and then re-allocating resources to the longstanding evidence-based, effective behavioral health and psychosocial therapies and supports, especially and increasingly focusing on indicated prevention strategies.

Full post to come.